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Benefits of Quality Eavestroughs



Decore Roofing Projects offers eavestroughing services in Calgary.

Eavestroughs are a system of troughs and downspouts designed to efficiently take water from a roof and safely distribute it away from the structure. An Eavestroughs in Calgary, must be sizeable enough to handle heavy rains and snows. Next to your roof itself, nothing is more important in managing extreme winter weather.

Eavestroughing is critical to a strong, reliable roofing system and maintaining a solid foundation. Well-designed and quality eavestroughing provides many benefits.

  • Prevents basement flooding
  • Stops rain from backing up under shingles
  • Protects siding
  • Avoids peeling or cracking paint from unwanted moisture
  • Minimizes snow and ice dams
  • Adds to the aesthetics of the structure
  • Protects the value of your property

Why Choose Decore Roofing Projects?

Decore Roofing Projects is experienced in both residential and commercial application. We know the precise techniques to create an effective eavestroughing system. We can do small repairs, remodeling projects or major installations. Our experts will assess your roofing and drainage situation and recommend the most efficient solution. For example, if you are experiencing poor water flow due to leaves or other objects blocking the spouts, we can install a leaf guard for you.

An Eavestroughs must stand up to the harsh Canadian weather in Calgary and Alberta.  You can take comfort in knowing we only use quality products for a long-lasting resolution to your roof drainage issues.

When you select Decore Roofing Projects, you not only get the manufacturer’s warranty on the installed eavestroughing, but you get the Decore Roofing Projects guarantee of quality and customer satisfaction. We stand behind every project we complete - and we offer it all at a competitive price.

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