What Will a Roofing Project Cost

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The Type of Roofing Job is it?

A new Roof under construction will cost less then a re-roofing job. This is mainly due to labour involved in removing the shingles and the dumping charge to get rid of that waste.

Wha kind of Roofing Materials Will Be installed?


Besides the size of the Roof, the type of material installed is the greatest factor in terms of price. In many cases a metal residential roof will cost about three times the price of an architectural asphalt shingles. And there are other options that will require a much larger investment then either of those two options.

On the other hand, there are options on the lower end, three-tab asphalt shingle for thousands of dollars less then the architectural shingles that offer a limited lifetime warranty. It depends on your Needs, such as how long are you planning to stay in the house and what type of climate the roof material will be exposed to.

How is the roof being installed?


This may not vary from contractors to contractors, but you should have certain options. Asphalt shingles are commonly nailed down, meaning that the cost will not change unless you upgrade to stainless steel nails.

Who is the Manufacturer?

The Manufacturer chosen for your roofing materials will also affect the overall price.

check out the warranty coverage offered by each manufacturer and calculate that into the total cost.

what type of underlay is being used?

Just as the roofing material itself makes a difference to the price, the type and grade of underlayment will also affect the cost. On shingles roof jobs the roofing felt is usually a minimum of standard #15 but upgrades to #30 felt, synthetic felt or even a rubber membrane with ice and water resistance are available

How is your Roof Laid Out

The more dormers, peaks and valleys your roof has, the more expensive it will be to roof. If the pitch is especially steep, roofers will charge more for labour thereby increasing the overall price. The same thing applies to house higher than two stories the added time and work required to haul roofing material up that high is factored into the cost.

Valleys require extra materials often metal strips that add a layer of protection in the joints of the roof deck. this material ( and the labour to install it) will increase your roofing project price.

To have a more accurate Estimate for your Roof, we will be happy to inspect your Roof.

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