Siding Repair

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At Decore Roofing Projects, our team members have many years of hands on and field experience, specializing specifically in the repairs industry. We are committed to provide the most professional installation and long term repair solution with a quick turnaround, from submitting estimates to completion dates. We are proud to boost extremely high success rates in customer satisfaction and one of the best warranties on repairs in the industry. Some common issues found and general services we provide are:

Siding Repairs


·       Wind Damage

·       Hail Damage

·       Chimney

·       Chimney Caps & Cladding

·       Skylights

·       Skylight Replacements

·       All Roof Line Penetrations (Vent's, etc.)

·       Condensation Issues

·       Attic Space Ventilation

·       Low Slopped Roof Lines

·       SBS Membrane Systems

·       Building Envelope Repairs

·       Leaking Windows

·       Exterior Repairs (Siding, Soffit, Fascia, Etc.)

·       Partial Roof Replacements